24 Commits (master)

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  Gigaa 371eefb5a4 Gave new unread msgs a wiggle to make them more noticeable. 1 month ago
  Gigaa 28d783855b Made the day header the right color. 3 months ago
  Gigaa ab63151925 Fixed some minor color bugs. 3 months ago
  Gigaa 16636b496e Fixed an issue where the reaction icons would be invisible. Fixes #3 3 months ago
  Arctic 020e51dc30 Fixed a problematic css tag. 3 months ago
  Arctic d5dfcff70c Fixed a problematic css tag. 3 months ago
  Arctic 21d52c7ac5 Forgot to make the reaction bubbles bigger aswell 👀 3 months ago
  Arctic 36768d7ca9 Made the reactions somewhat bigger. 3 months ago
  Arctic 2bbd4b587d Made the reactions more visible. 3 months ago
  Arctic 574bfca26a Fixed a few visual glitches. 4 months ago
  Arctic e6b0f2097e Remade the entire css file. 4 months ago
  Arctic bfd86a0bce Fixed an issue where gaps would form around images. 5 months ago
  Arctic fb915960d4 Images will now scale correctly. 5 months ago
  Arctic 40e23023ef Removed useless padding and gray line from image posts. 5 months ago
  Arctic 052bc41e5f Fix for commit 5f81b69. 5 months ago
  Arctic 5f81b6936e Made the images larger by default. 5 months ago
  Arctic 976cc4abc7 Rounded avatars and the input field. 5 months ago
  Arctic c9957a6a53 Added borders for the sidebar and header 5 months ago
  Arctic 7410076d86 Picked a better color. 5 months ago
  Arctic 8095dab48b Fixed unread msgs on sidebar. 5 months ago
  Arctic 8b2be50c15 Recolored rocket. 5 months ago
  Arctic 3f5fbd27cf Fixed the header 6 months ago
  Arctic 8329770a72 Added rocket's stylesheet. 6 months ago
  Arctic 802a4d7535 Initial commit 6 months ago